Solarwinds NPM 10.4 Upgrade

Upgraded our Solarwinds NPM from 10.3 to 10.4 with these steps for a problem-free install:

  1. Create solarwinds database backup on SQL server
    1. Login to SQL Management Studio -> Right-click SolarWindsOrion Database -> Tasks -> Backup
  2. Upgrade Solarwinds NPM server
    1. Log into Solarwinds NPM server as local administrator
    2. Extract 10.4 upgrade and right-click the NPM 10.4 install and select “Run as administrator”
    3. Run through the basic prompts and click finish
    4. The Configuration wizard will start up showing you your existing SQL server/login info (assuming you are using an external SQL server)
    5. Confirm on the final screen that the database will be upgraded and services installed and click finish

I was able to login after this with no problem and start using the new hardware monitoring features for network devices.  If you have any issues, I would first try shutting down all services with Orion Service Manager (under All Programs->Solarwinds Orion->Advanced Features) and then starting up all services.


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