Shoretel SA-100 Service Appliance CLI

I needed to verify the network config on our Shoretel SA100, but I didn’t find the SSH credentials in the provided documentation, so after a few guesses I was able to get in.  Here are the steps I used:

1.  SSH to the IP address of the conference appliance (I use Putty)
2.  Username: root Password: ShoreTel
3.  Enter the command: stcli
4.  You should now have a couple different prompts allowing you to easily change settings. I used option 2 to verify network settings.
5.  Press 0 to exit the stcli and then type exit to close your SSH session


One comment

  1. BTW, after we upgraded to ST 14.2, the login was admin, not root. (Same password)
    admin has limited sudo access as well, so it’s not true root and cannot open a root shell.
    Was driving me nuts trying to get in.

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