LACP Trunk on HP Procurve Switch

To create a LACP trunk on an HP 2910 switch, follow these commands:

On both switches:

1. Log into the HP switch CLI, and enter configure mode
2. Identify the interfaces you want to use for the trunk and type: trunk 25-26 trk1 lacp (the first set of numbers are the interfaces used, and “trk1” defines this specific trunk.)
3. Now untag/tag the trunk with VLANs just like any other interface, example: vlan 10 tag trk1

If you want to remove an interface from the trunk, just use the no command: no trunk 25

Verify commands:

#show lacp
#show trunks



  1. In your example, would the physical port configs default to “no lacp” like this?

    trunk 25-26 trk1 lacp

    interface 25
    no lacp
    interface 26
    no lacp

    I’m trying to build a tagged lacp/trunk between a cisco 3750 and a procurve 2848. I don’t have access to the procurve but I was sent the config and noticed that in the physical port configs.

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