ShoreTel Backup – Release 12.1

These are the recommended backup steps when performing a backup on ShoreTel 12.1

1. Open the cmd prompt
2. Type: cd c:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\Shoreware Server\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\Examples
3. Type and run backupconfig.bat
4. Verify the backup is complete by opening your backupconfig (located on C:\) and it should say “The dump is Complete” at the bottom

Source: ShoreTel 12.1 Release Notes

Personally, I would also run backupcdr.bat and copy the Shoreline Communications folder.

1. Open cmd prompt and go here: cd c:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\Shoreware Server\Scripts
2. Then run hq_shoretel-stop-svcs.bat
3. Once all ShoreTel services are stopped, you can copy the “Shoreline Communications” folder to a network drive for backup
4. Once the copy completes, you can either restart the server or run hq_shoretel-start-svcs.bat


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