Setting up OSPF on HP Switches

To run OSPF on HP switches, you will most likely need the “Premium” software license.  Once you have that, configuring OSPF is fairly easy, although different from the Cisco approach:

For example, I want to enable OSPF in area 0 on my HP core switch (HP 5406):

1. Enter OSPF configuration
(config)#router ospf 

2. Define the OSPF areas to be used
(ospf)#area backbone

3. HP runs OSPF under the VLAN configuration, so enter the VLAN that will be communicating with your other OSPF enabled devices and then enable the OSPF area
(vlan-10)#ip ospf area backbone 

4. Once your configuration is complete, enable the OSPF process
(config)#router ospf enable

You can verify your OSPF status and neighbors:
#show ip ospf general
#show ip ospf neighbor


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