Backup VMware Virtual Machines

If you need a free, open-source alternative for backing up your virtual machines, look no further than XSI Backup.  Before I did an upgrade to some VM’s I wanted to completely back them up (not just a snapshot), so I downloaded XSI Backup here:

Once downloaded, copy it to the /opt folder on your ESXi host. Then you can run it and backup to a datastore that ESXi has mounted.  For example, I want to backup all my VM’s to my NFS datastore, I run:

/opt/xsibackup –backup-point=/vmfs/volumes/nfs-datastore/backups –backup-type=running

Running that command will backup all the VM’s in real-time to the datastore.  You can run /opt/xsibackup –help to see all the variables you can specify, including backing up specific VM’s and sending email alerts.


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