Jabber for iPhone Move to Mobile

I noticed on the Cisco Jabber for iPhone app there is a “Move to Mobile” option when you are on a VoIP call.  This feature did not work for me initially, so here are my steps to get it working.

  1. User Profile: Make sure “Enable Mobility” is checked
  2. Remote Destination Profile: A remote destination profile needs to be created and assigned to the user with their cell number.  I usually have the user sign into the self-care portal and have them create their own profile.  “Enable Move to Mobile” must be checked in the profile.
  3. Device: The TCT phone device for their iPhone needs to have the “Owner User ID” and “Mobility User ID” assigned to the user.  Also, the Transfer to Mobile Network option should be set to “Use Mobility Softkey”

Apparently their are two ways to setup up Move to Mobile, and I found this option (the user receives a call from CUCM once they click “Move to Mobile”) most effective to implement.  You can find both options detailed HERE


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