Nexus C9372PX NX-OS Upgrade

Recently upgraded a pair of C9372PX switches with the following commands:

  1. Copy new .bin file over to switch
    copy scp://username@scpserverIPaddress//n9000-dk9.7.0.3.I1.2.bin bootflash:n9000-dk9.7.0.3.I1.2.bin
  2. Show the impact of installing the new version
    show install all impact nxos bootflash:n9000-dk9.7.0.3.I1.2.bin
  3. Install the new version
    install all nxos bootflash:n9000-dk9.7.0.3.I1.2.bin
  4. After you run the install, it will do the impact evaluation again and ask you to confirm installation
  5. Install took less than 5 minutes and then rebooted

The official Cisco install guide can be found HERE


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