Optimize Ruckus Configuration

I came across a good post here: https://forums.ruckuswireless.com/ruckuswireless/topics/best_practice_optimization_by_cli_for_zone_director that goes over some CLI configuration changes to optimize your Ruckus setup.  Personally, I changed the bss-minrate and have seen better roaming behavior:

  1. SSH into your ZoneDirector
  2. Verify your current WLAN settings with > show wlan name “wlan name”
  3. Enter config mode with > config
  4. Enter WLAN configuration wtih # wlan “wlan name”
  5. Change the bss-minrate with # bss-minrate 5.5
  6. Then exit and the changes are saved

Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Users

Two quick commands to see who is currently logged in, and who logged in previously:

>show global-protect-gateway current-user

>show global-protect-gateway previous-user

You can also specify the username with each command to see specific results.

If want want to force a user logout (from my testing, the user will not see a notification they have been logged out):

>request global-protect-gateway client-logout domain yourdomain reason force-logout computer computername gateway gatewayname user username