LACP Trunk on HP Procurve Switch

To create a LACP trunk on an HP 2910 switch, follow these commands:

On both switches:

1. Log into the HP switch CLI, and enter configure mode
2. Identify the interfaces you want to use for the trunk and type: trunk 25-26 trk1 lacp (the first set of numbers are the interfaces used, and “trk1” defines this specific trunk.)
3. Now untag/tag the trunk with VLANs just like any other interface, example: vlan 10 tag trk1

If you want to remove an interface from the trunk, just use the no command: no trunk 25

Verify commands:

#show lacp
#show trunks


ShoreTel Communicator Outlook Integration “Grayed Out”

Came across a user that wanted to install the ShoreTel 13.2 Communicator Outlook Integration, but the option was grayed out under Communicator Tools –> Options –> Outlook.

1. Uninstall Communicator and then reinstall by right-clicking and “Run as Administrator”.

The integration buttons can sometimes be grayed out due to privilege or UAC issues.

If that doesn’t work, Communicator does not see the Office install, and both softwares need to be re-installed.  This happens more often with “Click-to-run” Office installs.

1. Uninstall Communicator
2. Delete existing Mail profiles
3. Uninstall Office
4. Reinstall Office (Do not use click-to-run mode)
5. Install Communicator
5. Go to “Manage Add-On’s” in Outlook and verify all ShoreTel add-on’s are enabled
6. Restart Outlook and Communicator and everything should be working

UPDATE: As posted in the comments below by, you can also edit the registry with these values:

ShoreTel Switch Burnflash

If your ShoreTel switches are acting weird, sometimes a burnflash can fix a bug.  These commands are for the non-V switches, and will restart the switch at the end, so do not do this during production hours.  Network settings will be retained.

1. On the ShoreTel Director server, open CMD and enter: cd “C:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\Shoreware Server”

2. Type (XXX = IP Address) : burnflash -s XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

3. You will see the switch re-download its software, and reboot at the end