Nexus C9372PX NX-OS Upgrade

Recently upgraded a pair of C9372PX switches with the following commands:

  1. Copy new .bin file over to switch
    copy scp://username@scpserverIPaddress//n9000-dk9.7.0.3.I1.2.bin bootflash:n9000-dk9.7.0.3.I1.2.bin
  2. Show the impact of installing the new version
    show install all impact nxos bootflash:n9000-dk9.7.0.3.I1.2.bin
  3. Install the new version
    install all nxos bootflash:n9000-dk9.7.0.3.I1.2.bin
  4. After you run the install, it will do the impact evaluation again and ask you to confirm installation
  5. Install took less than 5 minutes and then rebooted

The official Cisco install guide can be found HERE


Singlewire Informacast Upgrade

Upgraded from Informacast 9.0.2 to 9.1.1.  Upgrade was very simple and went smoothly following these instructions:


  1. If you are doing this upgrade from a Windows client, download Putty PSCP and put it in the same directory as your .deb file you are copying over for step 2.
  2. During step 8, the web portal will be “blank”, but its working behind the scenes.  My install took approximately 5 minutes before showing the install package list