QoS on the weekends

After getting FiOS, I logged into the provided Verizon router/wap combo and found that I could edit basic QoS settings.

I enabled QoS on the router and on the “Broadband – Coax” connection (and LAN) I bumped my Netflix streaming blu-ray player to the top of the QoS Queue.  I tested out downloading a large file, and simultaneously starting a show on Netflix.  As soon as the show started, I saw my file speed decrease, and the show played flawlessly.  If you have FiOS and want to do the same here are the quick steps:

1.  Log into your FiOS router and click “Advanced” on the top right

2.  Click “Quality of Service (QoS) on the left side

3.  Under “Broadband Connection (Coax) Rules” click “Add”

4.  Under “Destination Address” choose the DNS name of your device

5.  Under “Priority” check “Set Priority” and select 5 from the dropdown box (5 is the highest you should set as that is considered “Express Forwarding”.  Priorities above 5 are reserved for even more important traffic like routing protocols)

6.  Click “Apply” and you are good to go! Feel free to apply this rule to the LAN as well if you have a lot of LAN traffic


Shoretel – Personalized Call Handling Rules

Recently I had a user ask me:

“Can I have all external calls go to voicemail, but all internal calls still ring my desk phone?”

Well, if you have the professional license for the Shoretel Communcator, then you have access to a very powerful set of tools called “Personalized Call Handling”.  These rules can be created from the user’s Communicator software (you can’t create rules in Director 12.1,  only disable/enable/delete them).  To access the rules:

1.  Open the user’s Communicator software, click “Tools” and then “Options” (Ctrl + O)

2.  On the left-hand side, click “Personalized Call Handling”

3.  Click “New Rule”

4.  Under “Choose Condition to handle inbound calls”, I selected “Phone Number Match” and then clicked “Phone Number Match” in the box below

5.  Under “Match Type”, I select “Every External Number” and hit “Ok”

6.  Click “Next”, and select “Forward call to voice mail” and click Next.

7.  Finally, name your rule and click “Finish”.

**Remember, the rule will not be in affect until you click “Apply”!

It takes the user 3 clicks to enable/disable the rule, and unfortunately I don’t see a way to link Personalized Call Handling rules to the different Call Handling Modes…maybe in the future?

What this is all about…

So what is this all about? Technology is one of my passions, and since I work with technology, I come across new and interesting tech every day.  I’ll post on here some of my experiences, which includes enterprise hardware/software, consumer hardware/software, project implementations, feature requests, and various other things that I find post worthy.

Let me know what you think, and enjoy!