ShoreTel Voice Mail Email – Exchange or Google Apps

Plenty of customers choose to setup voicemail “send to email” functionality, so that the ShoreTel system emails the user when they receive an voicemail.  The feature isn’t extremely well documented, so I will attempt to explain how it works to assist with the troubleshooting process.

  1. ShoreTel Director (SWD) receives a voicemail
  2. SWD looks up the MX records for the domain of the user
  3. SWD sends the voicemail notification (or WAV file) via SMTP on Port 25


If this is not working, I would check the following components:

  1. Verify that the SMTP server feature is installed on the ShoreTel Director (SWD) server
  2. Verify the user that wants to receive the email has the correct email address populated in their user profile within SWD
  3. Verify the user’s personal settings have send to email enabled
  4. Verify that SWD has DNS servers configured
  5. Verify that SWD can look up MX records for the user’s email domain
    1. You can check what results Director will receive by going to the CMD line and using NSLOOKUP to find the MX records.  THIS article should help.
  6. Verify if mail is getting stuck in the queue: C:\\inetpub\mailroot\queue
  7. If you need to send voicemail directly to a mail server, then you can enable the IIS SMTP settings for SmartHost
  8. The receiving mail server should also provide some logs to identify if voicemails are being received

If you are using Google Apps integration, all you should need to do is enter the Gmail consumer key and secret into SWD and verify that SWD can successfully look up your domain’s MX record.  If you make any changes, restart the SMTP service to verify all changes are active.


ShoreTel Voicemail Switch Backup

If you do not do daily backups on your 50V or 90V switches, these steps well allow you to backup and restore voicemails.

  1. On the ShoreTel Director server, go to the C:\inetpub\ftproot folder and edit the security permissions, so that “\Users” have Write permissions
  2.  Log into Director web interface, and navigate to Platform Hardware–>Voice Switches–>Primary and click on the VM switch
  3. At the bottom of the page are backup options, enter:
    1. IP address of the Director server
    2. Folder name (it will create the folder)
    3. Username: anonymous
    4. Password: password (any password will work here)
  4. The “Daily Backup” box does not have to be checked (unless you want to do daily backups)
  5. SSH into the 50V or 90V switch with username “root” and password “ShoreTel”
  6. Log into the service cli with: svccli
  7. Backup all VM with: backupvm (this will create the folder specified and start copying all VM)
  8. You can also restore the voicemails with the command: restorevm
  9. Once you are done, edit the security permissions of the ftproot back to the original settings if desired

This should be performed when burnflashing a 50V or 90V, as a burnflash wipes the configuration (including IP information) on voicemail switches.