Telnet Commands for ShoreTel Switches – Part 2

I’ve already posted how to enable telnet and get to the shell for ShoreTel (non-V) switches here:

Here are some more advanced commands that I have found useful for troubleshooting:

ifShow – Shows network interface information

lsp_ping “”,100 – Tests LSP UDP connectivity to “”, repeats 100 times

lspConList – Shows connectivity to other switches/servers

lspTelList – Shows all extensions known to switch

lspTelList1 – Shows detailed info for local extensions

lspTelList2 – Shows detailed info for remote extensions

reboot – Restarts the switch

routeShow – Shows the routing table

sip_debug_level=2 – Shows detailed SIP info on the console.  sip_debug_level=0 is the default

**Note** Commands are case sensitive

More commands can be found in the ShoreTel release maintenance guides.


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